smile2mobile provided us with fantastic developer. Greatly exceeded expectations on a large, complex project. Daily communications, great attention to detail. Thanks!
Patrick Chu, CEO of It's Your Turn, Inc.
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SmartPhotos for iOS


Use SmartPhotos if you want to organize photos on your iPhone/iPod touch without any efforts. SmartPhotos will automatically sort your photos and create albums for events and places you have visited. Also it will do face detection for your photos.

  • smart albums creation for each date/event with your photos
  • sorting your photos by places you have visited
  • face detection and selection photos with persons on them into one album
  • 8 different filters for your photos
  • custom albums creation
  • photos slideshow

Application on iTuens: SmartPhotos
Application third-party library: GIMP filters for iOS
Videos on YouTube: Events and Albums, Slideshow and Filters and Faces