smile2mobile provided us with fantastic developer. Greatly exceeded expectations on a large, complex project. Daily communications, great attention to detail. Thanks!
Patrick Chu, CEO of It's Your Turn, Inc.
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  • Platforms (OS): Linux, OS X (Mac OS), Windows
  • Platforms (Mobile): Android, BlackBerry OS, iOS, WebOS
  • Frameworks: Cocoa, Cocoa Touch, Java SE, .NET Framework
  • Frameworks (Web, Front-end): Bootstrap, Patternlab, React/Redux, Webpack
  • Frameworks (Web, Back-end): NodeJS, Symfony, Zend Framework
  • CMS (Web): Magento, Magento 2, WordPress, TYPO3
  • Software Bundles (Web): LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), LLMP (Linux, Lighttpd, MySQL, PHP)
  • Languages (Programming): C, C++, C#, Java (Tomcat, Spring, Spring MVC, Spring Security, MariaDB, Spring Social, Hybernate, Shiro Security, Java EE, Jstl, Jsp), JavaScript (Ajax, jQuery; NodeJS), Objective-C, Swift, PHP, Perl, Ruby
  • Languages (Markup): HTML, Markdown, YAML, WML, XHTML, XML, HTML5 development tools: HTML5, jquerymobile, sencha, nodejs, angularjs, lonicframework
  • Languages (Stylesheet): CSS, Less, Sass/Scss (Compass), XSL
  • Protocols (Mobile, Web): HTTP(S), FTP; IMAP, POP3, SMTP; JSON, Sockets, SOAP, RPC, XML-RPC; MM7, SMPP, UCP
  • Statistics: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Piwik
  • Version Control Systems: Git, Mercurial; Bazaar, CVS, SVN
  • Virtualization: Docker, Vagrant, VirtualBox, LXC